triptych of ultrachrome inkjet prints
24 x 16 inches each
2013 – 2014

Photo of a large construction crane looming above a scultptural fountain
Drop In The Bucket


Photo of a construction crane reaching skyward near a building at a disorienting angle
By Degrees


Photo of a construction crane in the distance, with strange creatures on a street sign in the foreground
Drawing #1


Close-up detail of strange creatures on a street sign
(detail from Drawing #1)

These pictures conflate disparate concepts of construction relating to architecture, perception, and image making. The role of digital manipulation increases from the first to last of the series. Constructicons is a meditation on the resonances between digital photography (composed of individual pixels that are inscribed quickly but nonetheless asynchronously) and drawing (composed of individual marks or gestures inscribed over a period of time seldom perceived as instantaneous).